The Artful Solderer
It's here! Another handy tool from Tingler Innovations. But's not made of's made of Yupo! OK, well, maybe we've stretched the truth a bit.

My friend Lee has indulged his passion for things in creating this handy booklet about the art of soldering. He's distilled his experience over the last 25+ years and over 200,000 connections into 37 pages of facts, figures, and fotos. Even if you don't know which end of a soldering iron is the business end, by the end of this book, you will.

Lee breaks things down, and there's something for everyone - novice to journeyman. The important part, that of making a soldered connection, breaks down to a simple one, two, three procedure.

note from Bill Porter Sections include safety, tool selection, tips, tinning, cold solder joints, wire prep, printed circuit board soldering, solder selection, desoldering, a handy wire size table, and more. It's a handy size that fits in your tool box, and the design even allows it to stand up, so that you can refer to it while you're working.

So what's this Yupo stuff? Glad you asked. Yupo is a synthetic printing material. Paper you might say, but paper it is not. Spill a Coke on it? So what! Go to the sink and rinse it off. Dry with a towel. Coffee? Same drill. No, it's not cigarette proof...but then neither are we.

Get your own copy of this handy and useful book. It's available now from Uneeda Audio for $15.95 postpaid in the USA or Canada. Click here   to order. cover image

Last modified 8/15/2008.