PZM Audio Sample Recordings

Here are four sample recordings made with RS 33-1090A microphones, modified by use of the Uneeda Audio modification kit, Revision F.

One is a short snip of a friend playing his guitar and singing. It's a single mike per file, and both files are supposed to represent him singing and playing guitar. One is a Neumann U64 (that's a tube KM84), the other is the modified PZM. The U64 is on a floor stand, and maybe 18" off the ground (carpet). The PZM was just placed on the floor. The mics went into a Focusrite scarlet interface and then to the computer/DAW (adobe audition). No dynamics, No EQ, No nothing. In post, all I did was to normalize the peak level to -1dBFS. 2 files, mono. recorded simultaneously. Each recording was intended to stand alone on itself; no attempt at stereo, although with the placement, you could certainly do that. Recorded on the Sound Devices 788T portable recorder.

Next is an orchestra and choir that I record. The mics were placed on the stage lip, maybe 8-feet apart. Again, they were just recorded. Recorded on the Sound Devices 970 recorder. 24/48 sample rate/bit depth (pzm_test1.*)

Last is a high school stage band. I really did not try to optimally place the mics, they were just on the floor, about in line with my principal pair, and probably 5-feet apart. The locale was their band room in their high school. All you hear here is the two PZMs. The actual recording was more like 14 mikes, but the primary pickup was four mikes across the front of the band. Also recorded on the Sound Devices 970. (pzm_test2.*)

Wave Files (180MB)
Flac files (131MB)
mp3 files (17MB)