Tingler Innovations SolderBuddy® ACS will change your attitude towards making cables. Ever chased a connector insert across your bench with a hot soldering iron? How about the connector that rolls over just as you zero in on it with the iron? NOT! The SolderBuddy is a nicely finished cherrywood block with holes milled for most common audio connectors: Switchcraft and Neutrik XLR inserts, Mini-XLR inserts, phone plugs, rca plugs, coaxial power plugs, etc. A wand with an alligator clip helps hold the cable in place during soldering (included). The pin numbers are laser engraved into the block just to keep you honest. Extra wands are available as accessories, as is a 3x magnifier on a flexible stalk.

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The new SolderBuddy ACS is $34.50 postpaid within the USA and Canada. Other countries please inquire. You can order by sending email to: